Monday, April 5, 2010

Glad this week is over!

The Early Birthday Party
We had an early birthday party for Banx on Monday because some family was going to be gone and I didn't want to take up anyone's Friday night, so we had grandparents over and some family over to help us celebrate Banxton. Thank you all for coming and being such a special part of Banxton's life.

the big FOUR! my boy is getting so big!!!!!

He has been wanting the Black Spider-man ever since Christmas. He got one for Christmas ( a red one) and it broke a month or two later and I wouldn't buy him another one, I told him to wait till his birthday, and he did patiently.
Present time

Banxton's Birthday
Banxton's Birthday was on Friday ( April 2) We decided to take him and do something fun, so we took him to Kangaroo Zoo with his pal Abe. They all had a ball, then afterward we went and got ice cream. Not such a big deal, but I think he had fun anyway.

Don't ask me where he gets that attitude on his face.Big Slide
Gracie even warmed up to it and loved it, she kept wanting us to take her up on the big slides, eventually billy taught her how to climb the steep steps.

Woods Cross City had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids and some fun little things to do and meet the Easter Bunny, so we headed over there to give the kids something to experience.

Gracie was a little nervous to see the Easter Bunny so, I held her and I got to be in the picture. Yeah!

Don't get me wrong this week was so much fun and the kids loved looking for their Easter Baskets on Sunday. and we all had a great time. It was just a lot to think about all in a weeks time and make sure I had everything for the different events. But It all worked out and everything went well.

We enjoyed this Conference weekend as well and are so grateful for the Apostles and Prophets that we have on this earth to lead and guide us today. I am so grateful for the gospel in my life and the knowledge that I have. I hope that I can follow the council that was given and raise my kids with the tools and love they need to be righteous children.

I hope you all enjoyed this Easter Weekend.


Isom Family said...

It looks like the Easter bunny treated your kids well. What a cute picture of all of you with the Easter bunny. I can't even tell you're pregnant. Happy Birthday Banxton!

Jack & Lindsay Chang said...

He's such a cute boy...your whole family is darling!

Jocelyn Pehrson said...

I wish I was closer to you guys then I could help out more often. I think you are such a wonderful mommy and a very cute prego. You still are so small. Oh did you change up your living room again? That' funny if you did because I changed my front room and bedroom this week too!

Anonymous said...

You're a great writer! Your kids are beautiful and I'm so glad Billy married such an awesome woman. You're a fabulous mom... After watching conference the responsibilities of Motherhood really came through loud and clear. You kids are so lucky they have you.