Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A weekend in St. George

This past weekend, we went down to St. George with my dad and all my brothers and sisters and the day we got there it was 77 degrees, Yes you read that right, 77 degrees and it was SO nice. It was pretty warm the rest of the week, Friday was a little cool, like 64 but it beats the weather we've been having. It was your usual trip to St. George: shopping, eating, hikes, swimming, golfing, it's just nice to get out of the normal everyday routine.
Playing in the fountains over by Old Navy. The water was freezing, but what little kid doesn't love to get wet? no matter how cold the water is, it's always a game.

Swimming in the pool, the weather was perfect!!!
my little fish
Sidewalk chalk on the condo's patio, oh well :)
They had a ball sitting in the warm weather hanging out in their swimsuits.
And they loved spending time with their cousin, Talmage. They don't get to see him very much and I am sure Talmage is just fine with that, consider how they were all over him.
It was nice to have Jocelyn down for the weekend and spend some time with her and Talmage and enjoy the warm weather. Till next time Joc.


Melissa said...

I'm thinking we need to plan another family trip to St. George now. That weather sounds SO good.

Jocelyn and Cody Pehrson said...

Ash look how quickly you posted. I am proud of you. LOL I already miss all of you! That warm weather sure was nice also. Nothing like seeing my brothers and sisters all together. Till next time....

Isom Family said...

Your St. George get away sounds like it was great. I wish we could have met you there to catch up. Adorable pics of the kids.... I want to see one of you preggers though :)

Jessica said...

I haven't seen you guys forever! Hope you are doing well and congrats!!