Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another New Year!

Well I hope everyone had a good Christmas! Our family had a great holiday, other than the black eye Banxton got on Christmas eve playing with some cousin's it was splendid. We were all better from our sicknesses that we had and were able to be around everyone. For Christmas we visited family and had a small christmas at home with our kids and then headed down to Fairview with billy's family to spend the New Year. It was fun this year because we were able to have Jocelyn and Cody here from Wisconsin and they brought there brand new baby Talmage, Yeah we have cousins on my side of the family now. Pictures soon to come.
Well hopefully this New Year I can be better at updating my blog, I know I enjoy looking at all of you guys and seeing how your family it doing so I can only assume it's the same for you.


Jana Banana said...

I love reading your updates :)

I can't wait to see pictures of your nephew, that is so exciting!

Jocelyn and Cody Pehrson said...

Yes! I do love reading your posts even if they are only once a month or LESS! Keep it up. :)

Lindsey and Zach said...

I too am horrible at this blogging thing, I find no time to ever update let alone read other blogs. We need to get together soon.

Jocelyn and Cody Pehrson said...

I need to see more pictures and blog about pregnant little self when you get the chance. I know you are busy! Love you guys!