Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh Where Oh Where Have I Been?

Wow it's been awhile since I've been on here, it's been one thing after another the last few months. First of the year Gracie had the chicken pox then she starts feeling better and isn't contagious anymore, then Banxton gets a cold and it just continues to get worse so after about five days we decide to take him in and we find out that he has RSV. We didn't know it was contagious and he was all over Gracie, so of course guess who gets it next. Yep! Gracie. With her being younger it is a little scarier. They told me to take her to the hospital and put her on oxygen, so instead we just had oxygen delivered to the house where we would monitor her oxygen levels instead of paying the big bucks at the hospital. So Sad!

So after that I decided to go with my mom and sisters to San Diego for a girls trip. It was really nice because my sister from Wisconsin flew in to be with us too. It was fun and relaxing! We did a lot of laughing, eating, watching movies, sitting in the hot tub and walking.

This is me and Gracie in our hotel room!

Gracie was a trooper. We only had four stops all the way to San Diego. We left at 6:30 a.m. and got there around 8:30p.m. (remember we subtract an hour) This is our stop in Las Vegas at In-n-Out Burger. She was so happy every time she got out of her seat. I can't imagine why :)
Us at San Diego Zoo. Gracie slept through most of it, but she enjoyed the flamingo's.
After all is said and done I am glad we're all healthy again. We're ready to play and most definitely ready for the Summer!!
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The Shupes said...

So glad everyone is doing better. No fun. And sounds like you had a good trip. I bet it was nice to get away. I am so ready for that warm weather too. It has been so nice the last couple of days. Call me so we can get together sometime!1

The Hood's said...

Oh, I am so sorry about the yucky stuff! All I knew about was the chicken pox, what a bummer about the RSV! Poor little things! Gracie looks so sad sitting there with her oxygen!
Glad you are all doing better, and that you had a great time on your trip! Cute pics of you and Gracie!

NICOLE said...

Oh poor babies...glad they are all feeling better! Miss you!

Amy said...

I do love the winter but I totally forget every year how it brings sickness with it. After seeing Macy with a non-stop nasty nose I am soooo excited for warmer weather! Looks like you had a fun time in San Diego, im Jealous!

The Halls said...

Man, that stinks with the sicknesses you guys have had to deal with lately. I hope you guys are all healthy now and stay that way!

Amy said...

Wow, I had no idea! I'm so sorry to hear about all the yuckiness! I hope you guys stay well now! so scary when the little ones get sick. Looks like you guys had fun in CA, and nice to get away too.

NICOLE said...

YES! I live in the TriCities so it's not that far of a drive for us...I would love to visit with you guys. Definitely let me know! what's your email?

Michele and John said...

boston is just getting over rsv,but thankfully, and luckily, naomi has not gotten it. how scary. i didn't know you had to have oxygen delivered to your house?? holy crap. that probably wasn't cheap, but compared to the hospital stay - wow.. you have defintely had a rough month.

em said...'ve had quite the month! So scary for little babies to get sick...I feel so awful for my little Mason whenever he doesn't feel well. ;(

OK, is Gracie just not a littl MINI YOU, Ash, or what? She is "all Reid!" What a cutie! Sounds like you had a fun trip!