Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mini adventure

For Young Womens tonight we asked one of our neighbors if they would take us horseback riding. The girls were really excited to do this, they all did really well. Then I jumped on the horse and it wasn't so good. I'd ridden a little bit but not much and I guess it's not like riding a bike. This horse didn't like me or something it wouldn't work, they kept telling me to kick it in the side, but when I did that it tried to bite my foot or at least I thought it did. So they put me on another horse and I did a little better. I'll just say it was the Dark. Ha Ha Oh and I am NOT swearing in this picture I promise, come on I am at Young Womens! Over all though it was fun and I'd want to try it again sometime.


The Hornes said...

That picture is so funny. That sounds like a lot of fun. I am glad they found a horse that didn't want to eat your foot. :)

The Halls said...

Where did they get the horses from? They look kind of posessed! No wonder you were uncomfortable riding them. I would be too if I saw that they were the spawn of Satan! LOL!

Amy said...

haha! I love the glowing eyes of the horses. How fun for the young women though and nothing like getting a little blood pumping through the veins! :)